Business Speed Date

Come meet your hotel vendors!

The Speed Date event

Come meet your hotel vendors!

This event format has evolved to the professional sphere, giving life to the speed networking or business speed date (to which you can participate even if you are happily married). Networking's the most important and productive activity for businesses in order to establish not only professional relations, but also personal. 

Only 5 minutes will do this equation: 





17 MAR 2019

About ITMF

Israel is considered to be a large travel marketplace with enormous growing potential. Leveraging its technology allows more and more suppliers to see and seek this potential. 
Business travel managers are responsible for the link between travel and the organization. As a key influential role, we operate traveling agents by way of purchase agreements with hotels, airlines and more. 
Travel budget is the second most prominent expenditure in companies, hence its enormous importance.
This is where you can step in! we are constantly looking to enhance our toolbox for day-to-day work in a world in constant flux, seek out new technologies, and generate important connections and cooperative ventures. 



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