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For the first time in Israel, a business event with an international format will be held.

ITMF Workshop will bring together travel managers and vendors from inside and outside Israel.

At the ITMF Workshop, top-quality, professional lectures will be given to enrich the participants’ domain. The ITMF Workshop will also showcase innovative tools and Travel solutions.

8 OC2017


About ITMF

Israel Travel Manager Forum (ITMF)

The Israel Travel Manager Forum is comprised of executive-level members from more than 200 corporations. These member organizations, represent the most significant active business travel of Israeli companies.

The forum is  aimed at improving professional collaboration and leveraging industry-wide collective strength for travel managers within and outside the organization.

ITMF holds quarterly forum events and related activities. Such activities include discussions regarding, e.g.: business travel purchasing, hotel services, technological tools, solutions and innovations related to business travel, and improved efficiency in the area of business travel.



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% expected global airfare costs to rise in 2017
% spending forecast to increase by 2017
Trillion $ Spend on Business Travel worldwide
Billion $ on the israeli market only